Crazy Louie’s is the largest volume dealer of coins, bullion, and collectible bills on Delmarva!

We buy and sell all American coins that are pre-1965 making them 90% silver. Crazy Louie’s buys, sells, and gives loans on US dimes, quarters, half dollars, and morgan/peace silver dollars that are pre-1965. American gold coins are also something that we deal in. American eagles, liberties, and Indian Head gold coins are very common at our stores.

In addition to US silver coins, we also deal in foreign silver coinage. Crazy Louie’s also buys and sells gold foreign coins such as British Sovereigns, French Francs, Mexican gold coins, Canadian Maple Leaves, Chinese gold coins, and South African Krugerrands. We purchase coins based on gold and silver values, but if there is relevant numismatic value, we will also take that into account. Graded coins are also very common to see at our stores.

Besides coins, Crazy Louie’s also deals in bullion. We buy, sell, and give loans on any gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion bars and coins. Our stores carry bullion that we order in wholesale as well as bullion that was previously owned.

Blue seal, red seal, and gold seal paper money are also items that we buy and sell. Certain bills are collectible due to its age, print year, seal, and serial number, if you are curious about a bill of yours come by and see us and we can tell you if it is worth anything. Crazy Louie’s is your number one stop for coins, bullion, and collectible bills.