Our North Salisbury location is the only store that carries surfboards!

We are the only store outside of Ocean City that buys and sells surfboards. The north location typically has between 15-25 surfboards in stock. The surfboards range for 4ft to 12ft in length, as well as varying thicknesses. Our surfboards also range in material- fiberglass, wood, epoxy, and plastic. The surfboards have between 1 and 5 fins depending on the style of surfboard. We buy and sell many different styles of surfboards-short, long, fun shape, and fish. Typical brands of surfboards that we see are Bic, Channel Islands, Lost, Rusty, Town and Country, Walden, Challenger, Firewire, Al Merrick, O’ Neil, and many more.

In addition to surfboards, we also buy and sell stand-up paddleboards, beater boards, and boogie boards. All surfboard purchases come with free wax, a leash, and a fin key. We’ll see you in the water!