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Crazy Louie’s also carries hundreds of games at each store for wide varieties of systems. We are extremely competitive with our pricing. We check all console and game prices with other video game stores and make sure that our prices are lower. You won’t find a better deal on video games and systems than right here at Crazy Louie’s Pawn Shop!

All game systems that are bought and sold are tested to make sure they are in good working order. Each game system comes with a power cord, av cord, and controller. All video games are checked for scratches to make sure they are still playable. Gaming Consoles are guaranteed to work. If you have any problems with your video game system after purchase please return the console to the store it was purchased from, with receipt, and we will do our best to solve any issues.

Video games come with a 3 day guarantee and in the event that they don’t work, within 3 days, they can be brought back with the receipt for store credit or a replacement game of equal value. We also sell many different gaming accessories such as extra controllers, gaming wires, and headsets. Forget the other guys, Crazy Louie’s is the place to go for all your video game needs.