Want to turn heads and put a bump in your trunk? We got you covered with all of your car audio needs!

We buy and sell or loan on every size sub woofer that you could imagine. 8", 10", 12", 15", 100", if they make it we would buy and sell it or loan on it.  The same goes for car amps as well. Our shelves are usually packed with a variety of subs and amps. Come check them out. We got you covered.

We also buy, sell, and give loans on head units. Want to watch DVDS while driving? Probably not the smartest idea but we buy, sell and give loans on double dins, single dins and flip outs all with GPS, Bluetooth and video capabilities.

We like to test all of our car audio in front of you so you know that it is all fully functional. We recommend having everything professionally installed after purchasing to guarantee that your purchase continues to work forever.

When your ready to begin, upgrade or downgrade your car audio system make sure to check out Crazy Louie's. We will get you more bang for your buck.