Crazy Louie’s Pawn Shops are one of the only place on Delmarva that buys, sells, and gives loans on firearms.

Crazy Louie’s has been an FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer for over 30 years. We sell a wide variety of “long gun” type firearms meaning that for rifles the barrel must be a minimum of 16” and shotgun barrels must be a minimum of 18”. Bolt action rifles, semi-auto rifles, semi-auto shotguns, and pump shotguns are what we sell. Crazy Louie’s deals with vintage and modern firearms alike. Common vintage firearms we deal with are from WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and Korea conflicts. We also deal in military surplus rifles such as Mosin Nagant and SKS rifles. We will also buy, sell, and give loans on gun accessories such as scopes, red dot sights, flashlights, grips, and much more.

Crazy Louie's also buys, sells and loans on handguns.Our North location has a large selection of pre owned and brand new handguns. We would be happy to guide you through the process of owning a handgun in Maryland. Stop in and see Alex at our North Store to check out our selection and for help with starting the process of purchasing a hand gun. HQL required.

Crazy Louie’s Pawn Shops do not sell regulated firearms such as, short-barreled rifles, or short-barreled shotguns. However, we will buy your regulated firearms and sell them to other FFL dealers that are out of state. 

Purchasing a firearm or picking up a firearm that was on loan from Crazy Louie’s is a very stream-lined process. To buy or redeem a firearm from us you must be 18 years of age of older, a United States Citizen, have a valid state ID with your current address, live in Maryland or a state that touches Maryland, and you must be able to pass an FBI NICS background check. If you have all the proper identification and are able to pass the FBI background check, the entire process takes between 15-20 minutes. In the event that you do not pass the FBI background check the money that was paid for the firearm will be refunded back to you in full.

The firearms industry is the most regulated industry in the US, and here at Crazy Louie’s, we have been in the industry for over 30 years. Many guns are illegal to sell to others and there are many new gun regulations that continue to be passed, play it safe and sell your guns to the firearm experts. Crazy Louie’s will be your first and last stop for all firearm needs, hunting or home defense, we can help.